Icelandic Adventure

  So why is it when I come to Iceland its mild (relatively speaking ) and wet and back in the UK it's snowing. This is one of the 25 wonders of the world though the romance of The Blue Lagoon does diminish just a little when you realise the hot water is a byproduct of the power station next door and not bubbling up through the floor. Having said that its still on my must come back when not working and before I die list.

 Nothing bad happened on the way out Icelandair were lovely and didn't loose or break anything my driver was at the airport. Hotel was super the Icelandairs Marina (few strange signs in toilet)

So the payback the weather was shit.  One thing about shooting translights you often end up standing in one place for hours to get different light and weather conditions. We wanted a transition from dark through to the half light which is all you get at this time of year. Shooting on the Canon 5d mk2 and the Gigapan Epic pro on raw stitching 35 frames together on PTGui. I always like to shoot a daylight shot with night shots as you can then produce a template from the day and impose it on the night stitch if it is having trouble finding enough detail. We recced the location on day one and shot a series of images then shot again the next morning when filming was taking place in order to get good continuity. By the time I finished I was wet cold and miserable , but at least I could scoot off back to the hotel the crew had about another 5 hours filming to do.

  The new Dell Precision M6700 blasted through the stitching, hairdryer was charged with drying out my camera bag and could could go in the bathroom and practise my singing.


I will come back Iceland I'm sure you really are beautiful.

Sorry no pics allowed from shoot, otherwise I don't get to go to nice places again.


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