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A Little Christmas Cheer

There I was trying to keep Christmas firmly out of my head then we went to video Megan Henwood giving her followers a little Christmas gift. A warm glow of seasonal cheer has descended upon me I almost went Christmas shopping but we’ll save that for Christmas eve. But seriously what a beautiful voice, if you want to know more about Megan check out her site. For those that are interested Megan is playing a Flyde guitar made by Roger Bucknall in Cumbria. Video shot on the Canon 5d mk2 sound recorded on a Zoom H4N then synced with Pluraleyes.

Making the most of your exhibition stand

Over the years much of my photographic work has been connected with trade shows around the world, one thing that’s always bugged me is how little exhibitors do to connect with those who either didn’t visit their stand or didn’t visit the show at all. Consider this when you exhibit you bring together your best sales people your new products and you display them all in a purpose built studio called an exhibition stand, so you’ve brought together all the elements needed to produce a great marketing video. Social media and email marketing now offer you ways of getting that message across without spending a fortune. This is just as viable for a major stand with many new products or a small shell scheme with an idea and a few wall graphics.

So what do you need to do?

1 Choose a member of staff who is happy to be on camera , try out a few with your mobile to see what they look like. Make sure they understand how this might be used and get them to sign a model release form to that effect.

Multitasking with 5d mk2

I’ve always been against multi-tasking(do one job and do it properly) but the chance of shooting video and stills on one camera is just too tempting. But just how easy is it to do. Recently I had the chance to fly across the English Channel with a record breaking 50 other hot air balloons, space was at a premium and the gear was down to one 5d mk2, 2 lenses, Rode Videomic (old style) and GoPro on a chest harness.The GoPro was just in case we ditched in the sea I could at least produce somethingsaleable to pay for the rest of the gear, my smiling Italian hosts told me as we were crossing the White Cliffs that there where 3 of us and only 2 lifejackets so the waterproof housing could well of been tested.
So just a Canon 5d with the Rode videomic on top and a LCDVF magnifier on the screen. The LCDVF might not be the best viewer on the market but for switching between video and stills it is brilliant tie the strap onto your camera strap and you can whip it on and off and let it dangle when…

In the Begining

85 Scoreby St the old home of Fox Photos For those born into the pixelated world a little of what went on 30 years ago might be of interest.
First thing to mention I got a job, I say this because in those days they did exist, I started work at a place called Fox Photos which at the time employed 4 senior photographers and at least as many juniors.My big break such as it was to work in the processing room.A small unventilated room with 3 dipndunk lines one for C41, E6 and Black and white. My world consisted of a clock on the wall and the smell of gently warming chemicals. I got very good at it, managing to process all three lines simultaneously off one clock as long as no one came to the door and wanted a chat. In its heyday Fox photos was one of the top picture agencies on Fleet St ( for you youngsters all the papers and news agencies were concentrated along or very close to Fleet St unlike today), as a result of this the 2nd floor of the railway arch in which we lived was racked out wi…