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Making the most of your exhibition stand

Over the years much of my photographic work has been connected with trade shows around the world, one thing that’s always bugged me is how little exhibitors do to connect with those who either didn’t visit their stand or didn’t visit the show at all. Consider this when you exhibit you bring together your best sales people your new products and you display them all in a purpose built studio called an exhibition stand, so you’ve brought together all the elements needed to produce a great marketing video. Social media and email marketing now offer you ways of getting that message across without spending a fortune. This is just as viable for a major stand with many new products or a small shell scheme with an idea and a few wall graphics.

So what do you need to do?

1 Choose a member of staff who is happy to be on camera , try out a few with your mobile to see what they look like. Make sure they understand how this might be used and get them to sign a model release form to that effect.