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Its Christmas 2012

As 2012 draws to a close a little something to make you feel all Christmas like.  Shot in Joe Henwoods new music studio in Oxfordshire and featuring Megan Henwood and band. With little time or budget we shot this on Canon 5dmk2 ideal in rather tight situation of the sound studio. In the morning there was a hard frost so I shot out to get some footage of the next best thing to snow, as the light had so little colour in it we decided then to do the whole thing as black and white. Edit was done in adobe Premiere Pro with Pluraleyes syncing the audio track recorded by Henwood studios. Hope you enjoy it and best wishes for 2013.

5D mk2 gets a Roasting

This short video shot for Ue Coffee Roasters for our video production company Positivelyvideo was shot entirely on the Canon 5D mk2. Working in coffee shops and restaurants that are open for business we had to be fast and compact, the Canon 5D mk2 was ideal. We could get in, take up very little space get our shots and get out again. With superb coffee to keep us awake long days shooting was easy.

If you've seen Skyfall you might like this.

Production designer Dennis Gassner talks about filming Skyfall on 007 stage at Pinewood studios.

Follow Focus for 5D mk2

Getting really accurate focus in video mode with a stills camera is never going to be easy. I came across this new product that is very simple yet looks like it could be very accurate. Great thing is its low tech low cost and easy to fit in the bag. I've got one on order so will report back once its arrived.

The World's End

Just checked the met office so back up to Letchworth tomorrow for final translight shoot on the latest Simon Pegg film. Post some pics from the shoot tomorrow.

check this about the film

Boing Boing

As a photographer you see a lot of different products and services and well frankly some of them are better than others, yesterday afternoon however I spent the afternoon working with Boing Music Stands . These simple little music stands are just great to look at and work really well.

 For the shoot we used a fantastic house location with plenty of space so often a problem in rear properties allowing me to shoot on 100mm on the Canon 5d mk2. Our aim was to show that the music stand not only worked well but also looked good in your room. To complement the stands we borrowed 2 Fylde Guitars from Megan Henwood a very talented local Musician. We tried to keep the shots simple so the viewers attention was always drawn to the little rubbery man.

 So if you want a great music stand go to

A Good Day to Diehard

Nice to see my work make the trailer.
Every dog needs a hair cut now and again and Harvey my trusty companion is no exception, thanks to Hair of the dog in Woodley for getting the shears out.

Autumn is one of my favorite times of year so  I wanted to get the Gigapan out and capture some of the colours for inclusion in Immense Images . I spotted this bit of river a couple of years ago in perfect conditions   but without my camera and have kept going back but never quite getting it right. Every year is different the trees loose their leaves at a different rate and the weather is as unpredictable as ever and then of course you have to be there at the right time. Maybe this year.

Big Shots in Moscow

I tried to sound nonchalant when he told me the size, my brain quickly trying to calculate pixel dimensions and file sizes in the background. “yep that should be fine”, the first calculations were just filtering through to the brain. “And what’s the subject “  right so it’s working abroad and its bloody big , great just up my street  now do the math. 360feet by 55feet so minimum file to the printers will be 7.14G this is when mild panic began to set in  I had looked at the Gigapan Epic Pro some time before and thought it would be an interesting addition to the kit now it was beginning to seem like the only possible solution to the job.

  3 weeks later on the flight to Moscow I mentally added up what the likely cost of this whole gig was for the client and hoped to god my one test job on the Gigapan I had done prior to departure would get me through. After all the principal is the same just on a bigger scale, that was my reasoning anyway. My driver was waiting at the airport (along w…

Happy Birthday James Bond

James Bond is 50 today its longevity is a credit  to the creative talent in the UK. Can you spot the small part myself and Immense Images played in the killing of Dryden, Casino Royal.

Why is cooler than me. While I was snapping him at IBC Amsterdam I looked down and there it was, the answer its the shoes.. Checked out the price tag ah just have to stay uncool for a while.