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Mine's Bigger than Yours

The thing I love about film and TV kit is its so much more stable and chunckier than most of the stuff made for stills. This week I had to get the Gigapan up to first floor level to shoot a day night translight, the solution a ladderpod. Yep thats it a tripod made of 3 ladders supplied by

The Gigapan felt way more stable up there than on ground level and way quicker than building a scaff tower.The backdrop will be a panoramic view up and down the street in the upcoming TV series Topsey and Tim.
Tarts for Troops

  Working for a good cause a few celebs and the Houses of Parliament thrown in all adds up to a good job. is certainly a good cause it helps vets who have issues with sight as a result of combat or for other reasons readjust their lives. The celebs were Johnny Ball and Alec Newman. Alec had worked with the vets when he was researching a part of a solider blinded in combat returning home and has kept in contact since. Also in the picture above is Ken Facal one of the members helped by the charity.
  And the best part when you have a few beers on the terrace afterwards only the MP in this case Ian Swales (Redcar) is allowed to get the beers in. So a big thank you to Ian for hosting the event and buying the beer.

It's a Dogs Dinner

The other morning I came down to feed the dog, to find someone else had got there first. The dog was not happy but for me it was a chance to play with my new Canon XF305. Really impressed with this camera so far. All my video work to date has been done on the 5D so its good to work on a normal video camera as well.