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Festival Time-lapse

Time-lapse is fantastic I love it. I get really excited about how things are going to work out there is always a level of unpredictability about it. I shot this with 2 Canon 5dmk2s in some of the worst of last years weather. I was undercover most of the time but the poor sods putting this up really deserved their money. There are so many applications for time-lapse it is a great way of telling a story that involves change, I believe it is greatly underused by business.

Anyway here it is take a look.

Joys of UK Weather and a perfect location.

So what do I need to make me happy, here is a list.

1  parking nearby.
2  a good view.
3  a tree to tie the dog to.
4  some peachy weather.
5 Knowing someone is paying for me to be there.

Ah Happiness

Been waiting weeks to get this shot day after day of crap weather then bingo Cheltenham reveals itself in all its glory. This was for a small translight going into the media dept. at Gloucester University. Only one downside cowpats everywhere but no cows until I saw them coming back from milking. Frisky cows stroppy dog heavy bags bad combination I was out of there.

Hair cut time

The Blog dog is having a seriously bad hair day today. I feel a trip to Hair of the Dog is not far away.