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Topless Woman seen on the banks of the Thames

Interesting use of carrots.

Snowy Flight into Heathrow

2 hours late leaving Reykjavik but the view of the Scottish Highlands was fantastic snow on most of the higher peaks but as we routed south over the Lakes the cloud got thicker and thicker ending in a snowy landing at Heathrow.

Once we landed no bays available then no ramps then no coaches but all in all Heathrow you did get me home  6/10 which is better than last time.

Icelandic Adventure

So why is it when I come to Iceland its mild (relatively speaking ) and wet and back in the UK it's snowing. This is one of the 25 wonders of the world though the romance of The Blue Lagoon does diminish just a little when you realise the hot water is a byproduct of the power station next door and not bubbling up through the floor. Having said that its still on my must come back when not working and before I die list.

 Nothing bad happened on the way out Icelandair were lovely and didn't loose or break anything my driver was at the airport. Hotel was super the Icelandairs Marina (few strange signs in toilet)

So the payback the weather was shit.  One thing about shooting translights you often end up standing in one place for hours to get different light and weather conditions. We wanted a transition from dark through to the half light which is all you get at this time of year. Shooting on the Canon 5d mk2 and the Gigapan Epic pro on raw stitching 35 frames together on PTGui.…

Location Location Location

Keeping a note of specific locations for shots you may be looking for in the future is always a good idea. This is one of my favorites ( Wittenham Clumps) in Oxfordshire. I was looking for some big sky views where I could see down to the horizon which unless you live on the coast is not that easy to find. I wanted a night sky  with gentle graduation so this location is perfect. Easy to park, the dog loves it as he can beetle around while I am shooting just fed up with the mud but looking at the weather boards we could be in for some pretty chilly weather coming up. Gear was the Canon 5d mk2 and Gigapan Epic pro.

Dirty dog after a towel down.