Splendour 2015

Okay I admit I wasn't that bothered I'd just spent 5 days photographing  the worlds top mathematicians and my head was aching from not understanding anything I really just wanted to sleep. Three hours up the motorway and I arrived at Woolaton Park and Splendour 2015 and  my mood began to change, security were being friendly people in bright clothes were happy to pose and access to the stage was not a problem. Why can't everywhere be as nice as Nottingham?

I was under geared one body two lenses  but sometimes its good to work with what you've got and just adjust your subject matter accordingly. The Specials were headlining so I was on the hunt for braces and pork pie hats to get some flavour of the day.

Indianna a local woman from Nottingham and James were also performing both good subjects plenty of expression and hand gestures always helps with the pictures.

And finally The Specials more difficult to snap as a band as there's so many and they're  dotted about all over so you have to pick on key figures otherwise you've got a lot of black background and not much action .

Anyway thank you Nottingham and Thank you Splendour 2015 I'm glad I got up and I'm glad I drove up the motorway and I'm glad I spent the day at Splendour.