Pearls Airport , Grenada.

On 25th October 1983 US forces combined with those of the Regional Security System invaded Grenada. To cut a long storey short this was to counter the growing influence of Russia and Cuba in the area and at the request of both Barbados and Jamaica. During the invasion US Marines from the 8th Regiment landed near to and captured Pearls Airport where they found 2 Cuban/soviet aircraft. One a single engine crop sprayer and a twin engine passenger plane.

A few of the more enthusiastic locals will tell you they were shot down by the US, in reality they were simply disabled by the Marines and have sat there ever since. Nature, trophy hunters and people who just needed some new seats for the veranda have all taken their toll on the relics but they are all the more interesting for it.

The airfield is no longer operative it sees a bit of drag racing, is part of the driving test system but mainly just has cattle grazing on it. What’s wonderful is you can just rock up and have a good poke round these aircraft with total freedom.

From a photographers point of view I loved the way that nature was just slowly taking over every nook and cranny and finding a home for itself in a place from which it was previously barred. Squeezing into the cockpits was the best bit, it suddenly felt a bit strange, there you could imagine people flicking the switches and pulling the levers. With the creepers flowing down over the cockpit windows you could let your mind transport you to a wreck deep in the Amazon rain forest.

If you’re in Grenada and you like a bit of history or just strangeness spend a bit of your day here. The access is eay and no hassle and a great photographic location.

Canon 5dmk3
Canon 17-40mm f4
Manfrotto 190go tripod

The Aircraft
Antonov AN-2NR &  AN-26
Further plane info